VooPoo UForce Coils


If you purchase this product you will earn 20 Steam Power!
If you purchase this product you will earn 20 Steam Power!
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VooPoo UForce Coil Description

The VooPoo UForce Coils, engineered to deliver precision performance as well as incredible flavor. Utilization of OCC coil head allows the coils to ramp up to your desired temperature quickly. These coils feature anti-leaking, anti-spit back and heat insulated for longer life. A variety of coil options include the U2, U4, U6 and U8 replacement coil heads. The U2 Coil rated at 0.4 ohms for 40 to 80 Watts. U4 coils rated at 0.23ohms designed to run between 50 to 120 watts. The U6 and U8 coils both rated at 0.15 ohms have been designed for high wattage vapors in mind. Whether you desire low/mid-range wattages or high wattage, the UForce Coils have you covered.


Coil Selection

U2 Replacement Coil

  • 0.4 Ohm
  • 40 to 80W
  • Best at 55 to 65W
  • Organic Cotton

U4 Replacement Coil

  • 0.23 Ohm
  • 50 to 120W
  • Best at 60 to 80W
  • Dual Vertical Coil
  • Organic Cotton

U6 Replacement Coil

  • 0.15 Ohm
  • 65 to 110W
  • Best at 80 to 90W
  • Sextuple Coils
  • Organic Cotton

U8 Replacement Coil

  • 0.15 Ohm
  • 70 to 130W
  • Best at 90 to 110W
  • Octuple Coils
  • Organic Cotton