Bad Drip Labs God Nectar 60ml


If you purchase this product you will earn 18 Steam Power!
If you purchase this product you will earn 18 Steam Power!
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Bad Drip Labs God Nectar Flavor Description

Take a trip to a tropical fantasy land with Bad Drip Labs God Nectar. This delicious e-juice combines the exotic juiciness of passionfruit, guava, mango, and orange. This creates a fruit-filled blend that is simply unimaginable. God Nectar might as well be the god of all nectars that will, not only leave you satisfied but also have you addicted. We couldn’t agree more. Fresh passionfruit is mixed with succulent guava, the essence of mango, and is sealed off by a zesty tang of citrus.

If you have been longing for a chance at a tropical vacation, now might be the time to experience all the flavors of the beach in your vape. Take a vacation every day of the week with God Nectar. Bad Drip Labs has been making flavors that will surprise your taste buds since 2014 right here in the States. Expert precision and the authentic taste is what keeps the mixologist at Bad Drips alive.

Available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strengths.

VG/PG: 75/25