18650 Battery Wrap Pair


  • Set Of Two
  • Fits 18650 Batteries
  • Pre Cut
  • Multiple Colors
  • Includes Insulator Rings
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18650 Battery Wrap Pair

The 18650 Battery Wrap Pair is a set of battery wraps with insulators for 18650 batteries. Choose the color you love the most or match your batteries to your mod. Battery safety is always important to know and understand. If you notice nicks or tears in your battery covers, it is time to replace them. These battery wraps are pre-cut to fit the width and length of your 18650 batteries. E-cigarette battery safety is a hot topic that has been discussed for the last few years. There are some key steps you can take to prevent batteries from sparking, catching fire, or exploding. Poorly wrapped batteries can be easy to remedy. Torn or pealing batteries can cause a multitude of problems including causing damage to your mod. If a conductive material (such as many metals) touches the positive pin and any other part of the battery it will cause the battery to vent. A venting battery will become increasingly hot and possibly explode. This happening inside your mod will cause damage.

Check your batteries on a regular basis for any damage to the wrapping, and if you notice a nick or tear, you will need to get a new wrap. Store your batteries in the proper case to both protect the battery from making contact with conductive materials and to prevent damage to the wraps on the batteries. If you are in need of a battery case, well, we have a few to choose from that can hold either two or four batteries at a time.


Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Light Blue, Lime, Pumpkin, Purple, Red, Teal, White


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