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Refillable Pod Systems vs Prefilled Pod Systems

When it comes to pod systems, I get two questions all the time. The first is about ‘salt nic’ and what exactly that is. The second is what the real difference is between prefilled cartridge systems, and refillable systems. As far as the first question goes, we already have an article on Nic Salts Here. Feel free to open that in a second tab and check it out after this article.

So Which is Right for Me?

The first thing to consider is the overall long-term price differences. The starting cost is a bit more on some refillable systems; but usually no more than twenty dollars at the high end. The real difference comes in to play with battery life and cost of liquid. As you can imagine constantly buying pre-filled cartridges does add up over time. It’s also extremely convenient though. So, if you are mainly looking for ease of use and practically zero maintenance, pre-filled systems like the Juul or Myle are the way to go! Just charge your device when it’s low and buy pods when you’re out.

Now for the Other End of the Spectrum.

Re-fillable systems allow you to use both regular eliquid and salt nics. Many manufactures produce some or all of their lines in salt nic now. A lot of re-fillable pod systems now offer coils for regular eliquid and coils for salt nic too, such as the Spryte. Whilst the price of a bottle of salt nic might be more than a pre-filled pod pack, you will get a lot more bang for your buck this route. Also, keep in mind that if you have a local shop that makes some house flavors you really like, this means you can keep using your favorite eliquid. Another consideration is that by way of these systems being larger than their pre-filled counterparts, the battery life is also sometimes much larger. Personally, I don’t mind charging my Myle every night; but if you are driving a truck for a living or going on a trip the longer battery life of a refillable system may be the decision maker for you.

Obviously re-fillable systems, while offering more flexibility, do come with some more overall maintenance. You have to change out the coils like a tank when they go bad, and you have to fill the cartridges yourself instead of them coming out of a package ready to vape.

Hopefully this helps you in making a decision on which direction to go; but in case you find yourself still on the fence, there are some great devices made for cartridges, tanks, salt nic, or regular. Check out the Diamond VPC if you’d like the option to do either or. That Diamond is compatible with JUUL, MYLE, and JUNO pods. Happy Vaping!

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