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If I Started Vaping Today

How far we’ve come!

The other day Michael and I were talking about how far vape technology has come since we first started. How some of the things we thought were so cool three to four years ago, would be considered a rip off if sold for even a few bucks today.

It’s true that in our industry, the cycle of tech moves at a rate that surpasses many other consumer electronics. Some have said that six months in the vape industry is comparable to a year in most other retail electronic industries. I have not the time to collaborate that, but it sure feels about right!

So, this leads me to ask the question, “What would I buy if I started vaping for the first time today?”.

Itaste 134 Kit Old

Well, the way I see it; there are two main vaping paths into a life away from those cancer sti….errr…other options. (No health claims here. Thanks, FDA!)

One path is a rechargeable pod system. Something like a Juul, Myle, Phix, etc. The other is a simple yet more sophisticated variable wattage system. Something user-friendly that will stick with you for the long run. Well, at least for the next six months, when you’ll want to upgrade because your friend’s new mod responds to telemarketers and makes a mean Manhattan.

So, let’s take a moment and look at each of these two paths.

Pod Systems

Juul Full Starter Kit 2 Large

You have probably seen many pod systems in gas stations for example. These are not what we are going to be talking about. By in large those systems are overpriced, and just not very good. Their vapor output is low, and you tend to need a harder draw due to the low airflow.

Now, let’s discuss some good options. After two years of seeing these types of products come through my shop, I finally feel they have achieved a real place at the table of products that you can truly be happy with as your only device. They also serve a purpose for those who already have other devices. I for instance, primarily use a VooPoo Drag with a TFV8. However, I also own both a Myle and a Juul. They are great in the car when you can’t safely refill your tank, excel in ‘stealth vaping’, and in situations where you can vape, but are trying to be more polite to others.


Myle Closed Mouth To Lung Pod System 2 Large

Firstly, the Myle is just a sexy looking product. It was designed in Italy after all! It’s a terrific small device that charges quickly, last all day, and uses a simple pod system that is easy to switch out. The battery is 240 mah, and the pods are a little larger than a Juul’s coming in at 0.9ML per pod.

My personal opinion is that the draw on a Myle is a little easier than a Juul. My favorite flavors are the Mighty Mint and Summer Strawberry. A pack of Myle Pods contains four individual pods. The pods normally retail about the same price as a set of four Juul pods, and contain 0.4ML more juice per pod. The device itself is a bit cheaper than a Juul and seems to last a tad longer. This has become my main pod system of choice.


Juul Pittsburgh Large

The Juul is the reigning king of pod systems right now. In the DFW Metroplex it seems to be the most sought after, and nationwide they have sales to suggest this is widely the case in other areas. The battery itself is 200MAH, and Juul Pods hold 0.5ML each. A pack of pods holds four single pods.

This was my second foray into pod systems. Having tired of my Von Erl, I was extremely happy with the flavor, and nicotine concentration in the Juul. The fact that I started going through a pack of pods a week told me it was going to be a hit. This brings up another point to consider in pod systems. You can go through the pods very quickly, meaning you spend a bit more money than with a refillable system. This is another reason I choose to split my vaping time between a normal tank and mod setup, and my pod systems. 

All in all, I think a pod system is a great start for a new vaper, as it’s super easy to use, and now finally offers the flavor and experience needed to be truly enjoyable. It’s also a great option for those wanting a second vaping device for backup, stealth, and/or for producing less overall vapor.

User-Friendly Variable Devices

User Friendly Variable Kits

A regulated variable device is a great option if you want something you can control the specific wattage on, have some longer battery life, and a larger tank reservoir. This also allows you to refill your tank with juice you buy in a bottle. This will not only open up the door to many more flavor options; but save you some money in the long run, as you’ll be buying juice in a larger quantity. In another post, we will discuss the juice options, the difference between VG/PG based nicotine flavors, Nicotine Salt flavors, and infused flavors. However, for now, just know that having a refillable system is both cheaper and adds more flavor options for you to consider.

So, what are the pros & cons of a mod/tank setup versus a pod system?

Well, for starters, you will now need to actually fill that tank with juice instead of simply throwing away the old pod and putting in a new one. Once you have done this, you pretty much have it down. Friendly vape shop staff or youtube videos will show you the ropes. Once you have that down, the initial benefit becomes pretty obvious. Look how much juice you have left in that bottle you just bought! This is clearly going to be more cost-effective right? Well, not so fast. There are two more items to consider.

Where have all the coils gone?

Pirate Looking For Rum

Your tank, much like the pods, uses a coil to heat up your delicious eliquid and vaporize it into particle goodness. However, with a pod, you get a brand new coil every time you put a new pod in. In the case of a tank, you will eventually you will need to replace that coil that came with the tank. Please, replace it eventually! I’ve heard people complain about how the taste of a tank is just no good, only to find out they’ve had the same coil in for six months! Let me tell you, the expression on their face after seeing the difference switching that coil made is priceless. It’s like hope invades the space between them and their vape, and everything is going to be ok now. Well, that might be excessive; but you get my point.

So, how do I replace my coil, and how expensive are those things anyway?

Replacing a coil is pretty straightforward. Once you notice that it’s starting to taste burnt, or just not very good, you need to get ready to replace it. Most tanks work the same way. You unscrew the bottom, unthread the coil, and thread in the new one.

So, after considering the above cost, you still save money going the tank/mod route. You just have to accept that it is, in fact, a bit more complicated.

So what are some good starter kits for this whole variable thing?

Vaporesso Tarot Nano

Vaporesso Tarot Nano

The Tarot Nano is a 5-80 watt variable wattage device that also offers temp control like most mods do now. It’s extremely simple to use, and it doesn’t need any 18650 batteries. It has an internal battery (2500MAH) that you simply charge via a USB port. Its compact size is also a very attractive feature. The EUC coils it uses are very prevalent, and most vape shops will probably have them.

Vaporesso Revenger Mini

Vaporesso Revenger Mini Kit All Colours Large


The Revenger Mini is similar in many ways to the Tarot. It’s 5-85 watts, 2500MAH; but takes a different approach to looks. The Revenger uses LED lighting in order to create its pizazz. The NRG coils might be a little harder to find across the country, but there is always online. We sell both the Tarot and Revenger; but people seem to gravitate to the Revenger’s lights a bit more.

Both of the above also offers many advanced features; such as temperature control, wattage response (hard, medium, and soft), and multiple coil options. Either would be a great starter option, that would also last you far into your vaping career. Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself also owning a pod system down the road so you can vape during that three-hour movie. Not that anyone here has ever done that ; )

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