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The Juul Epidemic: How America’s Most Used E-Cig Is Destroying Vaping

Juul pod and device with the word NO across them

The Juul Epidemic, and Why I’m Writing About it. The phrase “Juul Epidemic” might sound harsh, as you probably know the Juul as a portable alternative to traditional tobacco products that is easy to use. As we mentioned in a previous article about the attack on vape flavors, Juul is now 35% owned by Altria […]

What is this Nicotine Salt Anyway?

Table salt spelling out "salt"

What is This Salt Stuff? You may or may not have heard of nicotine salt; it’s certainly the new big thing in the vaping community! So, today I’m here to answer the question, “What the deal with this stuff?”. For starters lets be clear that you don’t add table salt to your favorite eliquid and go […]

If I Started Vaping Today

It’s true that in our industry, the cycle of tech moves at a rate that surpasses many other consumer electronics. Some have said that six months in the vape industry is comparable to a year in most other retail electronic industries. I have not the time to collaborate that, but it sure feels about right! […]

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