About Us

Steamist LLC

Steamist began as Myst E-Cigs, an online-only Vapor Shop in mid-2012 started by Michael Rasor and Jason Tamplin. As demand grew they decided to open their first brick and mortar location in May of 2014 in West Fort Worth just outside of Rigmar Mall. In mid-2018, the company undertook the task of rebranding and choosing a new name, and after much debate settled on Steamist, a new simpler name that still symbolized the nature of vapor.

Over the years the shop has expanded and seen many improvements. Steamist remains committed to carrying the top Vapor products for Dallas Fort Worth and beyond.

"The main focus of Steamist is getting people away from Big Tobacco and the cancer sticks. Half of my family died due to smoking-related illnesses. Every person we can get away from the death dealers is a win."

Michael Rasor

"At Steamist you will find that our focus is on the customer and our service over profits and new cars. Vaping should be more affordable, more customizable, and more enjoyable than smoking ever was. We smoked because we had to. We vape because we enjoy it, as well as we enjoy the freedom from cigarettes.”

Jason Tamplin